Synergy Golf is a professional golf management company with expertise in all aspects of golf course maintenance and golf club management. We specialise in business development and we provide golf clubs with a road map for realising their full potential.

We combine years of industry knowledge with a passion for business innovation, to provide our clients with a long-term strategy for sustainability, growth and success in an ever-challenging marketplace.

Synergy Golf is an Irish owned company, the directors are Andy Kenny, Garrett Donnery and Ronan Branigan. The company was established in 2012 as a collaboration between Declan Branigan Designs (est. 1993) and Target Golf Management (Est. 2003). Over the past 20 years, both companies had built a reputation for setting the highest standards in the pursuit of excellence for their clients. The coming together of these two leading companies has naturally brought about a “synergistic effect” and working together now allows us to provide a complete range of modern, cost-effective management services. Synergy Golf now employs over 40 people and works closely with many golf clubs throughout Ireland is guiding and directing their businesses.