As a professional management company, we provide clients with a modern, efficient and effective business framework which ensures their golf clubs can sustain the demands of an ever-challenging marketplace and realise their full potential. We offer a full range of professional management services, each of which are specifically designed to suit your requirements. This is not a one size fits all solution. Our focus is based on having a solid balance between managing costs but more importantly, growing revenue.



Our management philosophy is based on a simple statement “working with you!”. We take the time to develop trusting and lifelong relationships with our clients. We listen to what you want to achieve and we help formulate a business strategy to help achieve your goals. We achieve these goals and ambitions on behalf of our clients by working closely with committees, owners and staff to help ensure the long-term sustainability of the facilities. We’re full committed to hiring and training our team to the highest level to ensure operations are smooth and most importantly very enjoyable for the customer. We use our many years of experience to enhance procurement, IT, design, development, finance, customer service, reporting, health and safety, and course maintenance, all geared towards a greater focus and improvement in the management of your business.



Lead by director Ronan Branigan (MSc. Golf Course Architecture), we pride ourselves on offering an agronomic development plan capable of improving any golf course. We utilise proven golf course maintenance techniques to ensure playing surfaces for members and guests are significantly improved. Our focus is on providing clients with a long-term sustainable agronomic platform that ensures the quality of the surfaces improve consistently over time. We work with you across all areas of the golf course from procurement of quality products and maintenance and management of your machinery fleet. Our highly skilled team and network of contractors will provide your members and guests with a golf course that is aesthetically pleasing on the eye and a pleasure to play.

Business Development

Business development is defined as “the tasks and processes to develop and implement growth opportunities within an organisation”.

At Synergy Golf, we assist you with the identification and implementation of new growth opportunities. Over the past 10 years, we have developed our own suite of niche marketing products and directories through the My Golf Group. Using this impressive suite, which ranges from society golf, green fees and membership focused products, we are capable of driving business towards your golf course. Our focus is on developing your golf facility into a long term sustainable business, capable of continued revenue growth. Each component of a golf business is as important as the next and our professional services audit and analyse all aspects of your golf business and provide a framework for your team to work within.

Course Design

Course Design

Lead by director Ronan Branigan (MSc. Golf Course Architecture), our golf course design services are ideal for golf clubs and resorts looking to invest and improve an element of their golf course. Whether it be the design of a new pitching area, bunker, green, tee box or hole, our highly skilled team have the expertise to guide you and your golf club through this very important process. We use the latest in golf course laser technology, 3D design and GPS mapping to ensure that every detail of the project is carefully planned and optimised within your project budget.

Food Beverage

Food & Beverage

Our Company’s principals surrounding food and beverage are straight-forward. “Keep it simple”. Golfers who have just enjoyed 4 hours out on course want to feast on some wholesome food when they return to the clubhouse and we can help you design a menu fit for purpose. We pride ourselves on offering high quality food, using our network of trusted home-based suppliers and highly skilled chefs. We aim to ensure that what we offer exceeds customer expectations. Our food and beverage standards offer superior service, training, menu selections, stringent procurement controls and proven innovative specials that help keep menus fresh and customers happy.

Sales & marketing

Sales & Marketing

Often an area that gets neglected but one of utmost importance. Our award-winning (Eir Spider Award) sales and marketing team operate on many effective but basis marketing principals. We understand the key components that drive revenue to a golf business and our strategies focus heavily on these. Growing green fee, membership, society, corporate, opens, food and beverage and pro shop revenue is essential for the long-term success of a golf club. As a result, these all take centre stage in our sales and marketing strategies. Our carefully designed and targeted methods focus your business and allow your golf club feature in the eyes of your core customer base. We use all the latest technologies online and throughout the various social media and digital marketing platforms to enhance your golf club’s presence in the marketplace.

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